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Since 1995, P&IB has been building its reputation as the leading IP business service provider. As we believe that the biggest profit can be generated by innovative invention, we have developed our ability to see the hidden value of IP. We help various clients to achieve success in their business by utilizing the hidden value.

Technology Transfer

We are a technology transfer consulting company certified by Korean government. Our clients are entrepreneurs looking for new business items, companies which need their own technology, and researchers who want to be the first mover in the field they are involved in. For our clients, we can suggest the best technological solution to meet their needs and help them to apply the solution to their business.

Valuation Service of
Technology and Business

We can conduct technology and business evaluations. Before entering into negotiations, determining the exact value of the technology can help clients to make a right judgment. We keep our eyes on the global technology trends and new technology breakthrough to monitor the advent of new competitors. Patent right analysis, marketability analysis, and consultation of business prospects can be provided to establish a business model which guarantees a sustainable growth of companies.

Technology Commercialization

We provide assistance in managing intellectual property to be commercially successful, filtering out technologies with no commercial value in them. Moreover, we support a company through the whole process of commercialization to successfully introduce items to the market. We also obtain intellectual properties rights by purchasing and securing applicable technologies directly.

M&A Consulting

Contemporary M&A concentrates on financial audit, merely emphasizing financial aspects of the company. Such a simple evaluation can mislead decision makers when making an important judgement by omitting other crucial factors such as IP protection and employment status. Hence, we focus on smooth completion of the technology transference upon merger. We can report on a company by valuating its intellectual assets and how intangible assets can be protected and managed even after the merger.

Patent Consulting

As our professionals have great experiences and knowledge in the field of intellectual property rights, they can counsel our clients regarding any patent troubles. We monitor the market to find patent infringers without any permission or licenses. We secure evidences of infringements, and ultimately advise patent right holders to claim compensation for the damages caused by the infringement.

Intellectual Property Management

We are able to support all kinds of administrative works related to Intellectual Property. We also provide full commercialization services such as royalty payment collection, licensing and auditing throughout the life of the agreement. All these services are for the convenience of our clients and performed under our IPMS(Intellectual Property Management Program).


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